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Signature Remodeling is the industry leader when it comes to home remodeling in Chicago. We’ve been providing custom home renovations of all kinds for years, including bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling in Chicago. So we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to kitchens, basements, and bathroom remodeling. We take pride in the high quality of service and workmanship we provide on every home remodeling project. For that reason, we work with only the best remodeling contractors Chicago has to offer. Each member of our team is handpicked for their experience and dedication to quality for the best results. Make Signature Remodeling your choice for an unmatched experience in home remodeling in Chicago. We are the most trusted remodeling company in Chicagoland.

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We are a complete home remodeling company in Chicago providing exceptional renovation services for kitchens, bathrooms, and basement remodeling, as well as carpentry and interior design.

We removed the single sink in this bathroom and replaced it with a modern floating vanity to hold a marble countertop along with two square sinks. We provided a very ornate floor to capture a look that could bring together the older style floor with the new style counter space.

In a large bathroom, we were able to modernize everything by raising the vanity off the floor and providing a functional area with double sinks. The space was large enough to turn the bathtub into a standalone shower with a glass enclosure while also adding in a separate soaker tub to match the angles of the vanities.

By removing the bathtub and in its place installing a glass shower enclosure with its own light source, we were able to create an open concept bathroom that flows nicely thanks to the matching shower floor color and gives the appearance for much more space for the rest of the room.

Starting out with a dark and dreary old bathroom, we modernized the vanity and added an additional sink. At the same time, we brought high-end floor tiles and extended the same look and pattern through the shower walls to bring the bathroom together. Meanwhile, the large pendants hover over each sink for plenty of light.

When remodeling a kitchen, we focus on the finest details to bring it all together. The large island in this kitchen served as the main focal point and we kept the high-end industrial theme throughout the entire kitchen. The look created offered great functionality and a stunning talking point for the whole house.

In this galley-style kitchen, we upgraded every surface to make the kitchen more modern and spacious. By adding in glass cabinetry the opens upward instead of outward, they appear to float against the gorgeous glass backsplash. The dark slate countertops offer a stunning look above the wood grain cabinets and the stainless steel appliances.

In a small kitchen, we used high-end finishes in light complementary tones to achieve a beautifully arranged functional design. The under mount lighting adds extra brightness while cooking and the pendant lights that hang down from the ceiling over the sink are a beautiful touch of both color and style.

By going with white cabinetry and a stunning light granite countertop, a small kitchen area is made to seem larger. When contrasted by the stainless steel appliances and the dark hardwood floors that stretch into the rest of the home, the kitchen is beautifully finished to feel very open.

By removing some walls and reinforcing the support beams, we were able to make the entire home flow by extending hardwood floors throughout and bringing an open and airy feel to every room. Archways divide the space without limiting the square-footage and they add a wonderful elegance to the home.

To construct a beautiful library for the home, we boxed the ceiling with exposed wood beams and recessed lighting. To continue the wood theme, we created custom built-ins including shelving and cabinetry, while also bringing matching wainscoting along the walls of the room. The final touch was the gorgeous hardwood flooring we installed.

With the fireplace as the focal point of the family room, we removed the mantle and provided a stone finish from floor to ceiling. Plenty of recessed lighting was installed to provide a bright and welcoming feeling in the room. The hardwood floors offer a complementary color that makes the room appear much larger and luxurious.

We turned a small bedroom into a bright, airy, and functional space that can serve as an office or children’s play area. With large windows, the room gets a huge array of natural light and the hardwood floors were selected for their even tones that keep the space warm and welcoming.

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Experienced Home Remodeling Contractors

Every member of our team comes with years of experience in all kinds of home remodeling in Chicago. We are fully capable of handling bathrooms, kitchens, interior design, and basement remodeling. Our experts are ready to with your home remodeling dreams.

Highest Quality Materials

Our home remodeling contractors in Chicago use the best materials possible on every project so you can expect a quality finish. For a timeless final product in your home, trust our Signature Remodeling contractors in Chicago.

Free Estimates

We understand the budgeting concerns you have to deal with when it comes to home remodeling in Chicago. Signature Remodeling always provides a detailed free estimate on your project to make it as easy as possible.

Testimonials of Signature Home Remodeling Chicago

I can’t say enough about the work these contractors did for us. Our bathroom was in desperate need of an upgrade and they were able to completely transform it with high-quality materials and an unbelievably low price.

Jessica Parker


The work these guys do is just incredible and we really can’t recommend them enough. They handled our entire home remodeling project, from start to finish, even working alongside us on the design for our new home!

Eddie Lane


We hired these contractors for our latest kitchen remodeling job and it was an incredible experience. They had such a huge selection, it was a little intimidating, but they walked us through the whole process and made it so easy.

Donnie Roberts


Fantastic bathroom remodel in Chicago.  Our home was in desperate need of an update and these guys did an amazing job reconfiguring and remodeling our master bath so it worked for us. It is functional and beautiful.

Kenneth Gerena


When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Chicago, these guys are the greatest.  Our bathroom literally feels like a spa.  I might just move into it.  The lighting, the fixtures, the tilework. I love it so much!

Helen Hester


The best bathroom remodeling contractors Chicago has to offer.  They helped us choose a design that is both gorgeous and functional.  We needed extra storage and they made it happen.  Great company!

Eric Cheng


For our bathroom remodel Chicago project, we decided to keep the original layout and simply change everything out.  The high-quality materials they used made our bathroom five star hotel.

Christie Bruder


We needed more room in our house and our best option was for basement remodeling in Chicago.  They created an extra living area and a lot more much-needed storage.  I never thought a basement could look so good.

Harold Colon


These basement remodeling contractors Chicago neighbors recommended were fantastic.  They literally made our basement look like it is not even a basement at all.  We have so much more living space now!

Edward Cooper


Maybe the best basement refinishing Chicago has to offer.  Our basement had been ‘finished’ in the 80s but it needed a major upgrade.  The results are amazing.  They did a great job with the layout and especially with the lighting!

Terri Williams


I was hesitant to do a home remodeling but Signature Remodeling assured me it would help me raise the value of my home. I’m glad I listened to their advice since I ended up getting a way bigger offer than I expected.

Eddie Briggs

Deciding on a home remodeling and making the switch to modern appliances was a big step for our family. Now, I can see how our bills have decreased every month and I am actually saving money! Taking advantage of your offer was a great decision.

Carla Moore

Among my neighbors, I was the first one to choose Signature Remodeling for our home remodeling project. Others have now seen my improved quarters and are jumping on the bandwagon. There is so much room for improvement for everyone

Joan Hamilton

Now that all my kids have left the nest, the home remodeling we did was necessary for us to create the space I’ve always wanted for my hobbies as well as for my husband’s. Each room was made to exact specifications and stylish finishing touches were added.

Cheryl Owens

Our growing family needed extra space badly! Thanks to Signature Remodeling our home remodeling project added two extra rooms, which makes our kids happy and we even have a corner for a baby playroom. I couldn't be happier.

Mary Ann Harrington

It was important for us to have an extra guest room so that our parents could help us with our new baby, and be able to spend the night. Your company did a beautiful job home remodeling that created a comfortable space for them to feel at home.

Lauren Priestly

My husband and I were on a tight budget so we were really considering what upgrades we actually needed. Thanks to the guidance from Signature Remodeling we were able to focus on what was most important and get the results we were looking for.

Norma Walker

This home remodeling has made our lives so much easier. Everything makes better sense in the house, and I can finally get everything organized in its proper place. Our entire family has thoroughly enjoyed this entire home remodeling process.

Freddy Langley


In today’s modern times, more households are choosing practical bathroom layouts over the traditional shower and tub combo. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a quick shower, the best option for you is to opt for a sufficiently spaced shower area. While at it, you can widen your vanity area or add a tall drawer for your bathroom essentials. If you are not sure where to start, feel free to consult our remodeling contractors in Chicago. They can help you get the best deals in the market.

Poor toilet placement can make your bathroom feel cramped, leaving you small and uncomfortable legroom while you do your business. Our bathroom remodeling contractors from Chicago can remodel your bathroom layout and make sufficient room for your toilet so you can move around with ease. We can also help you look for a toilet replacement to match the remodeling results.

Sharing bathrooms with another person means you may need your own vanity space for convenience. Our excellent remodeling contractors from Chicago can design and build a double vanity for you, which will give you sufficient space for your needs while complementing your bathroom interiors. Overall, this can improve the condition of your bathroom and allow you to do your business in peace. Let us know what kind of bathroom layout would suit your lifestyle best. We can get started on the project right away.

Excellent lighting can improve the quality of your bathroom tenfold by providing the right aura. If you want a warm ambiance, yellow lighting is the best choice. If you want your bathroom flooded with light, you should opt for white or cool lighting. Essentially, the right lighting can also highlight the best features in your bathroom like accent decors or unique tile designs. Our bathroom remodeling contractors around Chicago can assist you with the options available so you find the best one in line with the remodeling work.

Bathroom remodeling of any size in Chicago significantly improves the quality and look of your bathroom. Whether you want a simple renovation or a luxurious bathroom remodeling for your Chicago home, our professional remodeling contractors can achieve the design you want. We can also take care of other technical bath concerns including plumbing, wiring, tiles installation, and choosing suitable furniture and fixtures. For excellent results, get in touch with our seasoned contractors. We can get started with the project immediately.


Your bathroom can be an excellent chamber of relaxation if you know how to design it properly. Good thing we have professional and creative home remodeling contractors in Chicago to curate and build a suitable home spa for you. Now you can relax as much as you please in the comfort of your home and make the most of your bathroom. Below are some small changes you can perform to transform your bathroom into an affordable home spa.

Lighting plays a huge role in the name of bathroom remodeling. It covers your basic safety needs and allows you to groom yourself with sufficient lighting. This can create an excellent ambiance without much work, too! The right lighting can bring out the best features in your bathroom and leave it looking mesmerizing for you and your guests. If you want to splurge, go ahead and add some tealight holders all over your bathroom for a truly relaxing vibe. You can enjoy a calm and peaceful space without stepping out of your house. Consult our bathroom remodeling contractors from Chicago for assistance.

If you take a look at luxurious bathrooms in commercial spaces, you will notice how subtle yet sophisticated they look. Walls make up the majority of your bathroom, so if you are looking to curate a home spa, you ought to pay attention to your wall decor. Marble, wood, and stone offer a natural finish without costing a fortune. Our amazing remodeling contractors can give you more options if you need them. However, if you want a simpler but tasteful finish, large tiles make an excellent option. You can choose from our generous array of textures, styles, and designs. Our company philosophy: when it comes to luxury home spas, less is more.

Imagine having a long, exhausting day behind you and looking for a relaxing day at home. You fill your bathtub with warm water and bath bombs, maybe even sprinkle flower petals for a nice touch. Once you have a concrete image in your head, that is exactly the kind of bathtub you need. We have plenty of luxury designs in mind if you want to see more options. We will keep it affordable and stylish, just the way you like it.

When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a luxury home spa, the small details matter. The best options are more low-level storage units and fewer shelves and hooks. If you want to make a contrast in the interiors, you can keep your tiles light-colored and the rest of your furniture dark-colored. This will essentially create a dramatic look without going over your budget. Lastly, you might want to consider having underfloor heating for a cozy bathroom especially during wintertime. Give our remodeling contractors from Chicago a call today.


Basement remodeling can be a challenging feat, but not when you have a professional crew of basement remodeling contractors from Chicago to assist you. The best benefit you can reap from having your basement revamped is the added value to your home. It provides a practical, comfortable, and convenient space for your lifestyle needs. This increases the likelihood of attracting excellent buyers in the future if you ever plan to sell. Otherwise, basement remodeling in Chicago is always a great idea to maintain the structure of your home.

Pursuing a basement remodeling creates a welcoming space in your home. It is also an opportunity to address common basement issues like water leaks, mold growth, and structural problems. Our remodeling contractors from Chicago can also catch up on your maintenance needs and bring back your basement in tiptop shape. This can make the whole project more seamless for everyone’s convenience.

If you have an unfinished basement, then you have all the more reasons to be creative and transform your basement into anything you like. Be it a home office, a game room, a kitchen and bar, or an enclosed entertainment room, our professional contractors can work their magic and turn your dreams into reality. You can rely on our years of experience and dedication to the craft to achieve any design you have in mind. We can turn any simple room into the basement of your dreams. We use high-quality materials that will give you a strong structure with just the right touch of sophistication you are aiming for.

Our professional basement remodeling contractors in Chicago work efficiently to complete the project on time as agreed. You can expect premium results within affordable costs. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!



Lastly, turning your basement into a home office is not such a shabby idea. If you are allowed to work from home or you actually work remotely, then you have more reasons to invest in a professional work-from-home setup and revamp your basement as if you are in your own corporate structure. You can turn your entire basement into a work office or just take one corner and use the rest for something else. Feel free to call up our home remodeling experts from Chicago and they can help you figure out the best layout for your home office.

Over the years, we have helped many clients all over the local area achieve their dream space. Whether they wanted a conducive room for professional or personal use, we worked hard to make their visions into reality through our expertise and dedication to each project. With our company, you can be confident that our remodeling contractors from Chicago can capture your lifestyle and apply them to the basement work. If a basement revamp alone is not enough, we can go the extra mile and work on your kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling as well. Let us know what you need and we will take care of it. Call us now!

If you plan to grow your family, then you might also want to consider turning your basement into a family room or recreational room. This is a practical solution to any growing family without making additions or moving homes. You can curate the basement to be child-friendly with all safety precautions in place, and at the same time make it fun and conducive for playtime. You may want to stick with neutral paint colors so it is easier to redecorate the room as the kids grow up. You can also turn it into a second living room and have speakers and warm couches ready for your guests. All you have to do is return the toys in their bins and you are good to go!

Going to a gym has its pros and cons. For the most part, what makes it difficult is going to a packed gym with no available equipment for your use. A great solution? Building your own gym at home! By standard measurements, a basement is spacious enough to accommodate a couple of gym equipment, whether you are a powerlifting junkie or a cardio bunny. You can even add in a pole for the gymnasts and pole dancers in your family. You can turn an ordinary basement into a wonderful home gym where you and your family can bond and stay healthy together.

Another great idea for your basement remodeling in Chicago is a music studio. If you or any family member plays any musical instrument or has a high appreciation for music, then it would make sense to dedicate one room in your home as a music studio. With a basement’s generous size, you can arrange an entire band set up in the space or have drawers filled with your vinyl CD collections. You can add soundproofing on the ceiling and walls, so you can enjoy every beat of the music you love without disturbing anyone. For intimate shows, you can set up some comfortable chairs or floppy bean bags and have a small table for the snacks and refreshments.

There is nothing more frustrating than going to the cinemas only to witness children crying, couples fighting, or other moviegoers not practicing proper cinema etiquette. Save your money on movie tickets and snacks and invest in a proper home theater instead. This way, you can watch anytime you please and have unlimited snacks while at it. Our basement remodeling specialists in Chicago can incorporate multi-level recliners, giant couches, and comfortable floor seating arrangements all for your choosing. You can also add in a simple snack bar and a fridge full of your favorite beverages.

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