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Signature remodeling is your go to bathroom remodeling company Chicago. We are experienced in all types of home remodeling, and have an excellent reputation for top-quality bathroom remodeling Chicago. We work hard to always maintain top-quality customer service and provide a beautifully-finished product that is sure to leave you satisfied. Our team is made only of the best bathroom remodeling contractors Chicago has to offer, that have the experience and expertise needed to bring your bathroom renovation vision.

Whether you have your own ideas or need some suggestions, we are here to help make your bathroom a functional and luxury space where you can wash away your worries. So when you are ready for a bathroom remodel Chicago, get in touch with us at Signature Remodeling.


Full Bathroom Renovations

We are the bathroom remodeling company in Chicago that you can trust to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. We have been providing outstanding bathroom remodeling services for years. Our remodeling contractors have a knack for turning something old into something new. Trust us to turn those ideas into reality!

Small / Large Bathrooms

Whether you need a bathroom remodeling for a small powder room or a master’s bathroom, our home remodeling company in Chicago can do it all. We only use the highest quality of materials to ensure that your bathroom will not only look good but will last for years! Count on us!

Home SPA

Ever had a day where you want to just relax in a tub? You can have just that with our bathroom remodeling in Chicago. Our remodeling contractors will provide you with a luxurious bathroom and help you relax after a long day. Count on our home remodeling company to give you the best!

Bathroom Design

If you are having trouble with the design you want for your bathroom remodeling in Chicago, our expert remodeling contractors will provide you with the dream bathroom that you have always wanted for your home. We will take your ideas and turn them into reality. We have got your back!


Paint is essential, especially if you have a small bathroom space. Painting walls and ceiling with lighter colors can make a small room look bigger. With our bathroom remodeling company in Chicago, you can trust us to provide you with the best colors for your bathroom remodeling. Count on us!


Another crucial factor in bathroom remodeling in Chicago is tiles. At our home remodeling company, you have a wide range of choices regarding the tiles you want to have in your bathroom. We will make sure it will match the style of your home and your preferences as well.


Signature Remodeling specializes in bathroom remodeling. We hire the very best tradespeople in Chicago, which has made us a leader in the bathroom remodeling business. We are professional in all our bathroom installations, from custom cabinetry, floor and wall finishes, custom shower enclosures, and free-standing bathtubs. We can do it all. We offer quality workmanship as well as superior design solutions with excellent customer service in Chicago.

Give us your old and tired bathroom, and along with you and your family, we can design the bathroom of your dreams that fits your needs perfectly. To get started, give us a call, and we will send out a designer and contractor to help you get started on your project. We can provide ideas on designing your space with the maximum luxury possible but within your budget.



Where do I begin planning my bathroom layout?

Study your existing bathroom layout and take note of your likes and dislikes, including the existing pipework and electrics. You should know how to locate them to make the pending bathroom remodeling work smoother. Consider everything including the toiler, basin, shower, bathtub, and all your bathroom essentials such as the hooks, rails, radiators, and others. Having a large bathroom enables you to be creative with your existing space. Feel free to inform your remodeling contractors of all your desired output so they can include them in the layout plan.

What is an adequate bathroom size?

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, a reputable remodeling company in your area can find innovative ways to incorporate all your needs and wants. If you have a small bathroom, you can be resourceful with the compartments. For example, you can install more hooks on the walls, add space-saving drawers, and reinstall the door to open outwards and allow you more space inside.

How do I maintain my bathroom after remodeling?

All bathrooms look pristine right after the remodeling work. But this also requires that you maintain its orderliness and cleanliness to maintain its excellent look. Opt to have all pipework and the toilet cistern boxed to remove all eyesore and give your bathroom a minimalist look. This also effectively hides away all nooks and crannies that can be challenging to clean around on. You can also go for wall-hung fixtures that make it easier to clean your floors. Tiles are the best option for your bathroom flooring, but pale grout tends to look unappealing and difficult to clean, so it might be better to go with darker colored grout. You could also consider porcelain tiles, which are more durable and less prone to chipping, compared with their ceramic counterparts. Porcelain tiles also have tighter spacing making less space for dirty grout to settle in.

How can I create more space in my bathroom?

When you have a small bathroom in your home, it is only normal to aspire for an illusion of a bigger space. One easy way to achieve this is by installing mirrors in your bathroom. This is a tried and tested trick to make an appearance of a more spacious bathroom without doing any room additions. You can also consider frameless shower glass doors, floor to ceiling styles and designs, and a monochromatic paint job. Without contrasting colors, it can be difficult to tell at which point a piece of furniture stops. This, then, makes an illusion of an open (and larger) space for your entire bathroom with the room looking large and the ceiling appearing taller. Lastly, natural lighting helps enhance the ambiance and space of your bathroom.

Should I have a bath, shower, or both?

A piece of common advice in the realty industry is to have at least one bath in your home especially if you are planning to resell it a few months or years. This makes the house more appealing to families with children. For small bathrooms, you can negotiate the layout of the bathroom and have your bathroom remodeling contractors fix a shower above the bathtub. Otherwise, you can settle with a luxurious shower area that your prospective buyers can still enjoy. Our professional remodeling contractors in the local area can advise you with the best approach for your bathroom remodeling. Feel free to give us a call today.

Which contractor should I get?

Whether this is your first or fifth time having a bathroom remodeling work done, you should look for the best among the home remodeling companies in your area. At our company, we offer a generous variety of services ranging from shower installation to storage options to tile replacement. We strive to provide you both great style and comfortable function at an affordable price. Feel free to express your personal style through our excellent bathroom remodeling services Chicago and have the interior design of your dreams. We are eager to work for you. Call us today!


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Start with a Budget
A bathroom remodeling in Chicago is like making an investment in your property while giving yourself a little gift. Bathroom refinishing in Chicago has a cost that can go as high as you allow it to, and if you don’t have a set budget, those costs can fly without you even noticing. To deal with that, set a hard budget by first researching local building costs, and then stick to that budget. Consult with our bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago to help build your budget and provide you with the highest standard of work that follows it.
A Bathroom Remodel in Chicago Before Selling Your Home
Our bathroom remodeling company in Chicago advises homeowners to think about a renovation to serve their own use, not for resale value. You may only regain a part of your renovation investment with some exceptions when you sell your home. If you are planning to stay in your home for a year or two, you may want to forego any major home improvement projects. With these recommendations in mind, bathroom remodeling in Chicago can recover a large portion of the renovation cost when you sell, especially when your bathroom started out very worn down or dated. So an investment like a bathroom remodel in Chicago is a good idea if you plan on being in your home long enough to enjoy the renewed space.
Choose the Right Bathroom Type
A bathroom can come in various shapes, sizes, and layouts, with style and features also a consideration. It’s likely that you will not change the configuration of your space with a bathroom remodel in Chicago. But it’s always best to think about all your options before settling on a decision. An interior design specialist, along with our bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago can show you some possibilities that you may not have thought about, like taking space from an adjoining closet to enlarge a small bathroom to add more features, such as a soaker tub.
Decide Whether you Want a Shower or a Bathtub
A common bathroom usually includes a bathtub, but that trend seems to be changing as most Americans prefer a shower over a good soak. A bath uses much more water than a typical shower. But if you like to relax in a tub to help you unwind, then adding a new bathtub to your bathroom renovation in Chicago would fit your style.
Good Lighting is Key
Light is often not at the top of mind for homeowners having a bathroom remodel in Chicago. However, poor bathroom lighting is easy to recognize when you see it, and it can completely ruin the look of the space and even its function. The right lighting sets the tone and allows you to use the space as intended.
Give it a Little Luxury
While you’re having a bathroom remodel in Chicago, think about including some extra special features to make the space unique. It is much easier to build them in as the work progresses than to add new features later. Items like a glass shower door will not blow the budget and can make a huge impact.
Are You Ready for a Bathroom Remodel in Chicago?
A bathroom remodeling in Chicago is an exciting opportunity to add your style to space with upgraded features that you’ve always wanted. But doing it the right way starts with some thought about what you and your family need to have and what you want to have included. For more about our bathroom remodeling in Chicago, call us today and we’ll help you get started with a plan, a budget, and the best workmanship.


A bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home. For this reason, it is crucial that a bathroom be functional, comfortable, and pleasant. A bathroom that is well designed can contribute to a content and clean home. However, if your bathroom does not bring you joy or peace, you may wish to consider a bathroom remodel and all the wonderful benefits that come along with it.

1. Increased home value.

Remodeling will definitely improve your home’s overall value as well as increase house appeal for potential future buyers. Even a simple remodel will provide a 50-100% future resale return. If the bathrooms in your home are cramped, poorly configured, and outdated, you should consider bathroom remodeling.

2. Save more, spend less.

Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, even in the plumbing department. As you upgrade your bathroom, you can go green, saving money and the environment at the same time. You can install a water-saving toilet model, shower head, and faucets. You can save big utilities money (and thousands of gallons of water annually) by replacing a leaking faucet, installing an aerator, and putting in an on-demand tankless water heater.

3. You can go green.

An eco-friendly bathroom remodel will save you big money on your utility bills. It will also be a big contribution to saving our planet. You can talk to your bathroom remodeling contractors about obtaining new materials and furnishings from greener distributors who offer products considered electricity-efficient, non-toxic (or low toxic), recyclable or biodegradable.

4. Reduce clutter and keep organized.

Bathroom remodeling is a fantastic opportunity to increase storage and maximize function and style. You can change out old, worn counters and cupboards and finally put away towels, bottles, cleaning supplies and other clutter so your new, high-quality countertops can stand out with a clean, streamlined look that invokes peace and tranquility.

5. Have a more tranquil oasis.

You and your home deserve a masterfully designed and relaxing space where you can unwind and reset. Getting ready for the day (or the night) in a disorderly, chaotic bathroom can make you anxious. To avoid this in your new bathroom, be sure to communicate your style to your bathroom modeling company to ensure your favorite textures and shades are incorporated into creating your ideal vibe.

6. Get rid of mold and stubborn stains. Permanently.

Over time, stains, mold, and mildew become increasingly difficult to remove from your space. At some point, cleaning is no longer enough but a bathroom remodeling company can save the day, by installing new high-quality elements made from sturdy, durable materials. This will keep your new bathroom looking great for years! Molds and stains could really be difficult to remove especially when they have spread out on your tiles and tub. When cleaning can no longer work as a solution, the only way to remove them is through remodeling or by hiring a professional bathroom remodel company to freshen up and make the bathroom look good as new.

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