Finished Carpentry & Crown Moldings Services Chicago

Finished carpentry is usually one of the final touches during your home remodeling projects, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least important. In fact, our finish carpentry is some of the most detailed and exquisite handiwork you’ll have in your home! Whether you’re looking at crown moldings or custom-built handrails, our artisanal craftsmen can handle any project you have in mind. Turn your house into a finished product with our custom finish carpentry. We’ll tie every room together in ways you didn’t even know were possible and put a really shine on your latest home renovations project.

Our finish carpentry services

Crown moldings are a vital, but sometimes overlooked element of home improvement. If you’re unsatisfied with all the right angles in your home, some custom crown molding can change all that. We can handle even complicated room setups in no time at all, adding a touch of class to your home.

Door casing is another way to add some style to your home and we’ll expertly add some flair around your doors which is in perfect keeping with your home decor. Your new door frames won’t be only beautiful but also very durable. Prepare to get the best finish carpentry services that you can think of !

Wooden handrails are another popular service, so let us add safety and accessibility to your staircase with style. Handrails make any stair more stabile and safer but they also add more elegance to your stairs. There is a lot of finish carpenty companies but this is our company that have exaclty what you need!


Why choose our carpenter company

Experienced Finish Carpenters

We’re the most experienced finish carpenters in the area, providing our services to the Chicago suburbs for nearly a decade now.

Quality Materials

A carpenter is only as good as the materials they use, which is why we take great care to only use the highest grade lumber in all of our projects.

Friendly Customer Service

No project is complete until you’re totally satisfied. We’ll communicate with you at every step of the way to make sure everything is going perfectly according to your plans.

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